It all started with a conversation about coffee and bringing vets together.  Zack and Brent were discussing how many vets feel alone after getting out of the military.  For years these men and women are surrounded by their teammates only to have their lives instantly change upon separation.  Many times vets have trouble making the transition and it becomes easy for depression to set in.
     The conversation quickly progressed to how great it would be to have coffee shops that were vet and first responder friendly.  These shops could be a place for vets to get together and meet other local vets and first responders, building new friendships.  The conversation next turned to the love of excellent coffee.  With this conversation, Operator Coffee was born.
     Currently we roast the highest quality coffee, which we sell through our amazing dealers and our online store.  We have worked hard to ensure our coffee has the best flavor and no harsh or burnt taste.  Our coffee is roasted from 100% Arabica beans with no fillers added.  We guarantee the freshness of our coffee, all online orders are small batch roasted to order and we set strict limits on how long our dealers are allowed to keep our coffee on the shelf.  We greatly appreciate the support of our fans as it is through our sales that we will be able to open our Operator Coffee shops.
     Operator Coffee has been built around the principle of support for veterans and first responders.  A portion of every item we sell is given back to charities that support these brave men and women.  As we grow, we have plans to incorporate additional programs that support these groups.
     Be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter as we have big plans ahead and we want you to be apart of the family as we grow!