The Operator’s Club is a free social club geared towards veterans, hosted and run by Operator Coffee.  The overall purpose of the club is to get veterans in and get them interacting with other vets.  The club is open to anyone but will mainly cater to the veteran and first responder community.  We believe that offering the club will have a huge impact on combating depression in veterans as we will work to facilitate new relationships and get these guys and gals out having some fun.  We are essentially working to rebuild a support system for our vets and the family mentality that will seem similar to the one they had while serving.

Our first Operator's Club event is still TBA, however once we get up and running we expect to have group gatherings twice a month.  Additionally, small groups will be established for different hobbies (fishing, shooting, scuba, exc.) these groups will have their own outings in addition to group gatherings.

When we founded Operator Coffee it was with the Operator's Club in mind.  We want the club and company to be about family, community, and bringing everyone together.  Be sure to stay tuned as we hope to have some big announcements about the Operator's Club soon!